Franchise Strategy

Franchise - What We Do

Start with a robust franchise strategy to ensure long term business viability. With our rich experience in franchising we will chalk out a sustainable strategy suited to your business needs.  

​Franchising though may seem complicated it isn’t really so once you have the right advice. Unless you have a well conceptualized strategy in place it is easy to fall into the failure trap. Let us help you walk through the best way to build your franchise business. From evaluating if your business is franchise ready to listing the requirements to get started and operational, we will hand hold you, mentor and guide you through the process.

Franchise Development & Operations Support

Franchise development is about getting your systems in place. It is about replicating the unique propositions of your business to generate revenue streams. It allows access to your product across a wider audience. And it brings in entrepreneurs to share your success story. 

​When the development process is well planned it ensures that your franchise journey is hassle free and successful. We help companies with all the support needed in building the infrastructure; from making feasibility studies, developing franchise models and plans, writing the necessary legal documents, designing monitoring systems, documenting manuals, conducting training, designing marketing brochures, etc. 

​Lead generation is an important activity for any franchise business. We understand the importance of finding the right franchise partners. Identifying the right match and reaching out to potential franchises is no easy feat. We use our integrated marketing tools to generate qualified leads to suit your recruitment needs and quickly close your franchise sales leads in a cost-effective way.

​Mature franchises are further also supported by an audit of present systems to energize and improve their current franchise business. 


International Franchising

Entrepreneurs across the world are looking at bringing in new products and business ideas to their markets. If you have a successful business running, its time to reach it across to the world. 

That's where we come in! Market entry strategies are extremely critical in emerging markets. A well-qualified plan will ensure long term success and business growth into new territories. We help you to identify countries that best suit your franchise, build a suitable strategy to launch your brand and choose the right international partners and set up your operations into multiple geographies. 

  • Pre- Entry Studies

  • Market Studies

  • Industry Studies

  • Consumer Studies

  • Market Potential Estimations

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Competitor Market Studies

  • Provide understanding of  country specific culture and ethics

  • Arrange and coordinate market visits to induct the company to new markets

  • Operation setup

  • Partner recruitment and business tie-ups

  • Local Level Operations 

  • Distribution Channel setup

  • Human Resource 

  • Marketing & Promotions

  • Build entry strategy through strong basis of segmentation, positioning and research

  • Business plans 

  • Handle multiple geographies

  • Provide sectoral legal and regulatory assistance

  • Agreements drafting